Rating System

Updated on December 4, 2018

After some thought I decided to get rid of my star rating system. There were times where a number just couldn’t capture my feelings about a book or just didn’t feel justified. So instead, I’ll be using a color coding system.

1 2 3 4-1 5 6

Red: Loved the story, grown attached to the characters, and it left a lasting impression even if there are some elements that nagged at me.
Orange: Beautiful story and while exciting, its missing something that would make me love the story
Green: The story is fun, the plot is interesting, there just wasn’t that usual pizzazz that would get me excited
Blue: The plot is solid and I can definitely see the appeal but I felt the story was very meh
Purple: I really wanted to love the story, but the story fell flat
Black: I finished the book when I should have put it down. Now I’m disappointed.

For manga, after a few volumes in I am committed to the story unfolding that giving a rating seems kind of redundant. Sure, there can be problems with a volume, but that won’t erase the fact that the series is a five in my heart.

This will depict which series I purchase upon release date. Buying anticipated releases is ideal, but I just don’t have the funds to acquire them.


With nonfiction I’ve decided to use tipped hats to show that the material I read was worthwhile.

hat1 hat1 hat1 hat1 hat1