Rating System

After some thought I decided to just leave out the one star. I have no problem putting a book down especially if I had problems reading it or if the book just wasn’t for me. I also do not want to rate any books that I did not finish. So having a one star rating just didn’t make any sense.

2stars2 Stars
“Disappointing read.”

I did decide to add in a two star rating just in case I finished a book that I just could not like.

3 Stars
“Didn’t love but didn’t hate.”

The story was good but there wasn’t anything that left an impression.
If the first book in a series I probably wouldn’t continue reading the sequels.

3.5 Stars
“Eh, so close.”

The story almost peaked my interest. There was one element of the story that I liked very much whether its the characters, the story, or the world.
There is a 50/50 chance I’ll pick up the next book. (I’ll leave everything to fate.)

4 Stars
“Interesting premise.”

I am very curious on what happens to the characters and how the adventure progresses.
The chances of me reading the next books have increased.

4.5 Stars
“Adrenaline pumped.”

I was diving through the book. I just could not put it down. There is just that *one* thing that keeps nagging at me that I could not got give it five stars.
I am definitely picking up the next book.

5 Stars
“Loved it~”

Book hit all elements (plot, plot progression, character interactions, etc.) that kept me entertained.

Left a memorable impression.

For manga, after a few volumes in I am committed to the story unfolding that giving a rating seems kind of redundant. Sure, there can be problems with a volume, but that won’t erase the fact that the series is a five in my heart.

So now we’re playing by a totally different set of rules.


Yes, I’m using hearts to signify my excitement level when reading. Even though I adore the series it doesn’t mean the volume is always exciting. I’ll still use five of them just to keep everything consistent. I might take the time to share how each heart was earned too.

This will depict which series I purchase upon release date. Buying anticipated releases is ideal, but I just don’t have the funds to acquire them.


With nonfiction I’ve decided to use tipped hats to show that the material I read was worthwhile.

hat1 hat1 hat1 hat1 hat1