Call me Sally. You’ve stumbled across my reading log.

The plot of a book plays an important role into how I enjoy what I have read. I love getting immersed into the world and enjoying the adventure the character(s) faces. For this reason, I am usually not picky on what genre book I read. As long as the plot is compelling and intriguing then I am happy.

I have a strong bias towards fantasy. That won’t stop me from picking up a Comtempory, Mystery, or Nonfiction from time to time.

I do pursue titles from Netgalley and Edelweiss that would not be picked up by my library. When I do receive a title for review just know that all opinions are my own. My reviews for the ARCs will be posted at least a week before the book’s release date.

I started this blog with the intents of sharing my love for books, but then I figured I shouldn’t limit myself and tossed in manga and anime in the mix. I’ve been finding that I have a hard time reviewing books since I do not have a clear idea of how to review. So I will be taking baby steps to figuring out how I like to review books. Expect varying review formats as I try to find a format that I like.

I share most of my anime and manga posts on my Tumblr page.