Manga: Coyote Volume 1

Volume 1
written & illustrated by Ranmaru Zariya

Publisher: VIZ Media | SuBLime

Release Date: October 9, 2018

Format: ARC from Edelweiss


I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Coyote lives a guarded life around humans to avoid being outed as a werewolf. He becomes captivated by the pianist at a bar he frequents who he penned as “Marleen”, and their lives become entangled once Coyote’s heat occurs.

The colored pages in the beginning portrayed a muted gloomy atmosphere seemingly taken place in earlier England. The cobblestone roads, the clothing, and the rustic buildings fooled me as all events in the book do occur in modern days with the inclusion of zippered hoodies and smartphones. One aspect of the art that pop out are the eyes of the characters. A lot of detail is given to them that I can’t help but look for each eye drawn.

For the first volume, the introduction of characters was flawless. We are thrown into an environment where there is an established connection between each character allowing us to see the clear bond that exists. While there is a clear chemistry that is obvious (and a tad bit cliché) between Coyote and Marleen I can’t help but be intrigued by their relationship. Coyote is dependable and loyal as a werewolf, but there is an innocence that comes out when he’s around Marleen that I can’t help to like. There is also a mystery surrounding Marleen even when we learn more of his history. I’m looking forward to seeing how they both develop in the future volumes.

There is also a plot that expands beyond the usual BL plot. The romance is a nice distraction, but there is much more at play than the relationship between the two characters. The stakes are high and the tone of the manga is apprehensive at best (to the point where I’m not sure if any of the characters are safe from being written off). The plot is another aspect that is keeping me interested in continuing on with the manga.

Please be aware that this manga does contain explicit content between two men. 




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