Manga: A Strange and Mystifying Story Volume 4

AStrangeAndMystifyingStory4A Strange and Mystifying Story 
Volume 4

Written and illustrated by Tsuta Suzuki

Publisher: VIZ Media | SuBLime

Release Date: August 14, 2018

Format: ARC from Edelweiss

BL FanofSeries1

A year has passed after Tsumugi was betrothed to Master Kurayori. They spend most of their time together but there seems to be no progress in their relationship except the increase of Tsumugi’s feelings towards Kurayori.

This is not the traditional yaoi romance, but I love the time taken to develop each character’s feelings. The relationship between Tsumugi and Master Kurayori is strangely sweet. Their relationship progresses at a gradual pace because the personalities of both parties involved will not allow anything else. Tsumugi is desperately in love with Master Kurayori but he is a kind thoughtful boy. Master Kurayori is an old soul who loves his naps and still acts like a child. Seeing how these personalities mesh together allows me to get an idea of how their happily ever after will be like too.

The artwork is as beautiful as always. The panels created a seamless reading experience and I was constantly surprised at the turns in the story. All past characters in the series do appear for a few panels. The bloodline curses do take a back burner though, but I feel like this a natural progression towards peaceful times. There will be three more volumes though so we’ll just see what happens then.

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