Book: The Sea of Monsters

TheSeaofMonstersThe Sea of Monsters
Book 2 in Percy Jackson & the Olympians
by Rick Riordan

Publisher: Disney Hyperion Books

Read on June 4, 2018

Format: Library Loan E-copy

Camp Halfblood is under attack by demons with its protective powers waning day by day. Percy embarks on another quest to find the Golden Fleece in hopes of restoring the camp’s protection.

While the pacing in the first book was quite slow the action picks up immediately in book two. Both Percy and Annabeth face their own trials and tribulations in this book. Through this second quest I could understand both these characters a bit more. I love that neither Percy or Annabeth are not perfect characters. They both have their personal strengths and high morality that make them likable characters.

I enjoyed the familial themes in this book along with the character growth Percy undergoes. This quest really opened Percy’s original definition of family.

I learned more about Percy’s prophecy. That cliffhanger of an ending made everything more interesting though. I swear that while the antagonists in this series leave little to be desired they are always a few steps ahead. While all the foreshadowing was there I was left completely surprised by the end of the book. I am now eager to find out what happens next.




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