Manga: My Love Story!! Volume 1

MyLoveStoryV1My Love Story!!
Volume 1
Written by Kazune Kawahara & Illustrated by Aruko

Publisher: VIZ Media

Read on May 31, 2018

Format: E-copy


Gouda Takeo is used to girls not reciprocating his feelings as they usually go for his best friend, Sunakawa. As a big burly guy with a big kind heart he diffuses a situation that leads him to Yamato—the girl of his dreams.

Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of this manga are the characters. I do not often come across a manga revolving around the love life of a burly high schooler. These characters are often side characters to the good looking main characters. I thought this manga was going to take this route, but I was pleasantly surprised once I saw the anime. After watching the anime I decided to pick up the source material for the anime.

Takeo is a very stand up person. His naiveite and dense personality make him an easy character to root for. The freindship between Takeo and Sunakawa is very beautiful. Usually the friendship takes a sideline once the romance is formed. I enjoyed seeing the balance between friendship and romance.

There were times where the transitions confused me but that mostly limited to the beginning. Soon after the storytelling became more seamless. This manga explores the bonds of friendship and the importance of communication in relationships. While Takeo’s physical strength can get a bit silly, the tones throughout the manga are very lighthearted. So far not a lot of angst or drama and very funny which is a plus for me.

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