Book: The Magpie Lord

TheMagpieLordThe Magpie Lord
by KJ Charles

Publisher: KJC Books

Read on: May 25th, 2018

Format: E-book

After inheriting an earldom, a mansion, and tarnished family reputation, the last thing Lucien Vaudrey needed was a bout of madness that strikes fear in him each day. He calls on the Magician Stephen Day with hopes that maybe he can see if this sudden condition is curable or fate.

This is the first book in A Charm of Magpies trilogy. The story is very easy to delve into. Immediately there is an element of mystery that intrigues me. Magicians in this book are more than beings who do card tricks. They have their own set of rules that they abide by but the magic system is pretty straightforward with some added elements here and there.

The romance in this story is between two male characters. While I understand the chemistry between Lucian and Stephen, I felt the attraction the two felt towards each other was a bit fast. There is a history their families have with each other that I thought would have played a major rule. However, both Lucien and Stephen, are so righteous and level-headed that they seem too perfect.

Other than that gripe about the romance, I did enjoy the story. There was always something lurking beyond the chapters that either spooked me or left me wanting to know more. I should mention that there are some explicit scenes in the book, but only towards the end of the book.


I will most likely pick up the next book, if not for Lucien and Stephen, then for Merrick.


Read in May


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