Manga: One-Punch Man Volume 14

One-PunchManV14One-Punch Man
Volume 14
Written by ONE & Illustrated by Yuusuke Murata

Publisher: VIZ Media

Release Date: July 3, 2018

Format: ARC from Edelweiss


Goketsu crashes the martial arts tournament to recruit followers for the monsters and Suiryu is left fighting those who joined.

What can I say about such a quirky action-packed manga besides that I loved it. Saitama continues to stay aloof during dire times and continues to be late to the fight. He’s still looking for the “one” who he can go up against. I do have to say that the build-up of all the events in this volume does create a feeling that maybe this monster uprise is the “one”!

The plot does progress a bit and we learn a bit of the objectives in the monster’s plan. However, why are they recruiting, why did the kidnap the executive’s son, is their endgame total human domination, all their hidden agendas, we still don’t know. This build-up of suspense and tension does make for good entertainment though.

There are moments where things seem so hopeless and the revelations made were very heart-warming. Saitama doesn’t appear a lot in this volume, but when he does he really boosts up morale. He also brings his own form of entertainment that we all know and love.

hrt hrt hrt hrt hrt

I am totally looking forward to the next volume.


Read in May


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