Graphic Novel: Orphans

Volume 1
Written by Roberto Recchioni & Illustrated by Emiliano Mammucari

Publisher: Lion Forge | Diamond Books

Release Date: June 26, 2018

Format: ARC from Edelweiss

Earth was notified of the presence of extraterrestials when an energy beam decimated a sixth of Earth’s population. Orphans of the attack were gathered and trained to invade the hostile planet with hopes of preventing another catastrophic attack. Of those orphans, a group of five become the heroes of humanity.

There are three chapters in this graphic novel. The story alternates between the events that occurred when the five orphans underwent their training, and to when they were adults making a preemptive attack on the alien colony. The amount of detail that went into the illustrations are amazing. Time is taken to explore the landscape of the alien planets and the aliens themselves look surreal.

The characters are an interesting group. While there isn’t enough time to grow attached to them, there is enough material to get a feel for who they are. The team chemistry is amazing and with their training I do see how different their movements are from everyone else.

While reading the mystery surrounding the aliens grew. What are they? How did they attack Earth? I also grew curious on what happened to all the orphans. Surely, there is more than those five, right? Is there some hidden agenda behind this preemptive attack? Not all these questions were answered, but they do build up the anticipation for the next volume.


Just how sci-fi is this graphic novel? There are human experimentations, space ships, aliens, space suits, advanced technology, etc.


Read in May


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