Manga: Goldfisch Volume 1

Volume 1
Written and illustrated by Nana Yaa

Publisher: TOKYOPOP

Read on: May 25, 2018

Format: E-book

Shelly was on her usual expeditions in finding unclaimed artifacts when she is leaded to a boy named Morrey and his otter companion, Otta. She soon discovers that Morrey can change anything he touches into gold! While this talent is a gift to others, for Morrey it is an inconvenience and only brings trouble.

The concept for the world building was creative. The land’s topography has been covered with water and civilization has been built upon mangroves above the water. The characters also make the reading experience enjoyable. They have their funny moments here and there but when the situation gets dire they understand their roles. There is also a lot of growth on Morrey’s part. He’s naive and makes rash decisions without thinking of the consequences, but he quickly learns there is just so much he can do by himself.

I also appreciate the pacing of the story. There are no corners cut in the storytelling and nothing feels rushed. Sure, there doesn’t seem to be a moments rest, but there’s an understandable reason why the story doesn’t take the time to relax.

This manga is a pure adventure story with a looming hint of mystery about the world. I am keeping this manga on my future reads list. I am very curious on what’s going to happen based on that cliffhanger.




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