May Wrap-up

Another month has gone by. I managed to read four graphic novels, four manga, and eight books. Of these fifteen, eight were ARCs.

I’m doing wrap-ups again, but I’m still thinking a few things through. I’m trying to develop my reviewing skills so I spend so much time thinking of how I want to accurately dictate my thoughts that I feel there is no room for my tangents. So I want my wrap-ups to contain all the random tangents I had while reading. We shall see how well I like posting my wrap-ups like this before I change my mind. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

If a title has their own review then I’ve linked the review post to the covers.

1st   | A Strange and Mystifying Story Volume 3 by Suzuki, Tsuta



I thought this was a refreshing break from the main characters. I was at the point where I was curious about the romance between the side characters. I thought the stories in this volume were very sweet and cute. Definitely a lot lighter in tone than the dire circumstances from the first volume. I am looking forward to the next volume.

3rd | Night’s Dominion volume 1 & 2 by Ted Naifeh

The premise of the story was promising. There were times where I felt the story jumped around from place to place, and there seems to already have a backstory of sorts that I wasn’t privy to. A couple of elements that I enjoyed was the concept of demigods, the mystery of The Fury, and the prowess of The Night. I wasn’t able to get attached to the characters though so I may not pick up volume 3.

14th | The Enchanted Chest by Jean-Francois Chabas & illustrated by David Sala

I only posted my review on NetGalley because I did not have much to say. I had originally thought this was a middle grade book until I opened it on Digital Editions and saw that it was a Children’s Book. I felt that the theme did not obviously fit with all the events that happened until further inspection. The illustrations are gorgeous though.

The Oddling Prince by Nancy Springer



I loved the visuals the book created while I was reading. My mind almost always creates a Medieval setting whenever I read fantasy and the details in the book helped me tweak my base imaginations for each character. My vocabulary about the garments of that time has dramatically increased. I was very happy to learn them because usually they do not get referenced in such manner. I was highlighting all the foreign words and now I just need to write them down somewhere. I felt as if I learned so much about a Kingdom’s caste system too.


15th | The Secret History by Donna Tartt



I like flipping through the book very quickly just to see what I’m reading. That’s when I saw the book was separated into parts and that I had 500+ pages to read. Can you believe there is only eight chapters? I usually do not like ending my reading place between chapters so there was quite a few pages I had to read before I could go on any breaks. I thought I would need two days to finish the books so I was surprised when I managed to finish it in one. I did enjoy learning more of who Richard was as a person though. I found myself connecting with him since I also grew up in a small town and have felt the need for something much grander. But not as grand as him. Everything that happened just felt so out of his control that I found myself panicking at times with him. I haven’t had such a moral dilemma since I read You by Caroline Kepnes.

16th | Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie



On Overdrive I borrowed a book that is a retelling or an adaption of this book. I quickly decided that I should at least read the piece of literature that inspired the book, right? So I quickly skimmed through Peter Pan in Kensington Palace online before I picked up my copy of Peter Pan. I have to say that I was nervous picking up a children’s classic. I’ve reread books I’ve read when I was younger and I certainly did not feel the spark that I remember feeling when I read them. Sure I struggled a bit at first as the writing style was a bit jarring, but when I got used to the writing style I found myself quickly flipping through the pages. When I was reading I often found myself comparing what I read to what I remembered of the animated movie. If my memory serves me correctly I’m pretty sure it was a faithful adaption. Maybe I should have purchased that Peter Pan Funko Pop…

17th | Hook’s Tale: being the Account of an Unjustly Villaianized Pirate Written by HImself by John Leonard Pielmeier



Yes, this was the book that sparked my desire to read Peter Pan first. I had picked this book up right after I read Peter Pan so I was hoping to continue my ‘I-believe’ mood. Right off the bat my initial thoughts about this book was completely wrong. This was a retelling of all the events that occurred in the canon through the pirate captain’s perspective and not a non-canon retelling of their friendship.  It was fairly easy to dive right into the book because the writing style is very direct. I enjoyed seeing the upbringing of James Cook because I could see what grounded his beliefs. I was ecstatic when James and Peter first met because I just wanted to see their friendship blossom. Jame’s perspective was compelling and his dark obsession with Peter Pan was understandable. I just couldn’t love it enough. While writing my review, there just seems to be so much symbolism throughout the book that makes me want to dissect the story just a bit.

22nd | Sheets by by Brenna Thummler



Based on the summary I was expecting some clever ghost tricks–a light haunting of sorts–here and there but that wasn’t the case. This was a nice read though. I loved the characters and the imagination Wendel had. They both are characters that were hurt in some way and are trying to find ways to fit in. The story really clicked with me in some ways which makes it precious in some ways.



25th | Goldfisch Volume 1 by Nana Yaa



I was surprised to see TOKYOPOP because I thought the business completely closed. I guess only in the states then. I found myself enjoying this adventure more than I thought I would. I cared more for the characters and I was interested in how everything would turn out. I did a little digging just to see how many volumes I should expect. Based on the extra in the first volume it seems there will be three volumes. The illustrations were very cute and I wish I had an animal companion like Otta!

One-Punch Man Volume 14 written by ONE & illustrated by Yuusuke Murata



I ♥♥ love ♥♥ the character design for Saitama. So simple and can destroy the serious atmosphere in one appearance. It’s been a while since I’ve read a series that is quirky, fun, and action-packed like this. I’ve definitely become a fan so I just had to do some research on the series. I found out that this series is a side-series that ONE does on the side to his regular series, Mob Psycho 100 (MP100). I totally did not make that connection when I was researching MP100 in the past, but I also LOVE MP100. There were so many coincidences regarding his works–I saw the anime first, I enjoy the humor, the story is so compelling. Just learning about this makes me love both of his works so much! I did see that ONE’s webcomic about One-Punch Man was on hiatus though. Argh, I have to go do some more research.

The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles



This story was short but told a fascinating story. The story did take a while to get into since I did not know what was going on. Once everything did come together I was excited to read on to see what would happen next. While there is a lot of sexual tension between Lucien and Stephen but I thought their attraction towards each other was a bit quick that I just couldn’t get into it. I found myself enjoying the conversations Lucien had with Merrick more than the conversations Lucien had with Stephen. I constantly have to remind myself to not push what I would like to read onto the story because that’s not fair to the book or the author. Then I realized that both Lucien and Stephen seem to have a sexual relationship, and have yet to discuss their actual relationship. I guess it’s very female of me, but I guess I need to know how they feel for each other. I do want to see their relationship explored beyond their sexual appetites for each other.

27th | Orphans Volume 1 written by Roberto Recchioni & illustrated by Emiliano Mammucari



While reading I was reminded of Starship Troopers. I was impressed by the coloring throughout the volume. When I found that this series was originally an Italian graphic novel I just had to do a bit more research to see how long the series was. I saw that there are 12 seasons (volumes) out and a few spinoffs of the series out already. I was surprised by this, but I am curious now on how the story will unfold.



28th | Orbiting Bodies by Diana Jeans



It was close to 10 p.m. when I saw I was approved for this book. I quickly downloaded the book and started reading the book. I was not going to miss reviewing the book before the release date. I didn’t stop reading until I finished the book around 1 a.m. on the 28th. This story and the characters captivated me. I quickly became attached to finding out everything that happened to them.

I loved the withdrawn introvert rep in this book. Often times characters who like being alone are viewed as weird, or often times undergo major personality changes at the end of the book after overcoming their problems. While it creates a powerful image, I just couldn’t find it realistic. I enjoyed seeing characters much like myself (personality-wise) on there that the story became very dear to me.

I was a bit sad to see that this story will only be available as an e-book. I really wouldn’t have mind owning the physical copy because I can see myself picking up the book often.

30th | More Than This by Patrick Ness



I began this book late at night again and didn’t finish it until almost one in the morning. I’m trying something new with my reading habits (reading before I go to sleep) but I’ve been finding myself too curious in what I’m reading to put it down.

I don’t know what to say about this book. This book was shocking at times and has some unexplained components that make me curious on why those events happened that way. Yes, this book can also get very philosophical and the questions that show up did make me think. I was going to give this book it’s own individual review, but then I realized there isn’t anything much that I can say. I also feel it’s best to go into the story without knowing much.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan



I wanted to try this series after seeing it everywhere (not to mention I also saw the movie first). Then when I saw that the book was available on OverDrive it seemed like fate. While I do feel a disconnect with the characters I did become fascinated with the plot. This is just the first book though so I’m sure I’ll have time to know the characters a bit more.

Since I did see the movie first I wanted to see which parts of the book made it on there. While reading though I realized the movie was so different from the book that I found myself liking the book more.

31st | Daydreamer: A Proxy Short Story by Alex London

This short story concludes the Proxy duology. I have to say that I really miss this series. I got Guardian from my library book sale. I mentioned this in a random Midnight Update but I only found there were short stories when I was surfing the internet. I can’t believe I didn’t look sooner! I am looking forward to his next book, Black Wings Beating, that is coming out September 25th, 2018.

My Love Story!! Volume 1 by Kazune Kawahara & illustrated by Aruko



Initially, I was a bit skeptic since I did not know what I was going to expect even after reading the summary. I typically do not turn towards anime with a heavy romance emphasis. I seriously thought this was an angst love triangle. Thank goodness this didn’t deter me because I loved this series so much.

I don’t see characters like Takeo much. He’s a manly yet very expressive man. I loved the friendship he had with Sunakawa. They both really do look out for each other and it’s such a beautiful friendship. So when I saw that this manga was on sale for $3.99 on Amazon I knew that I just had to get it. I really want to know how this series concludes.


Then unfortunately I came across a book I just could not get into.

Confessions of a Fox by Jordy Rosenberg will be released on June 26, 2018. The main story takes place 18th century London and there are footnotes throughout the story that depict another story being told by a scholar. This scholar added footnotes to analyze and translate the main story told through a manuscript. I was intrigued by the plot, but I just couldn’t get into the storytelling. I feel like there is so much information that needed further dissection, and I was not the reader who would have done the book justice.



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