Book: The Oddling Prince

TheOddlingPrinceThe Oddling Prince
By Nancy Springer

Publisher: Tachyon Publications

Release Date: May 25, 2018

Format: ARC from NetGalley

Aric is grieving for his ailing father who seems to be cursed by a ring that came out of nowhere when Albaric appears at the palace steps to save the King.

The story is told in Aric’s perspective and the language does need some getting used to since it is written in an older language. While reading I did see that some words that appear are from the Brittonic language and some words are Scottish. Nancy’s writing style is very poetic and beautiful, and this also took me a while to get used to. I typically do not have the best of luck with poetically written books because the words typically go over my head. There were times when I took the time to try and appreciate a song Albric sings, but I just couldn’t appreciate the meaning. I hate myself sometimes.

My mind was expecting two brothers and a grand adventure, but this is not what this book is about. There are no long action sequences or evil dictators needing to be overthrown. The only fantasy elements in the book are the Fae, magical artifacts, and magical creatures. Their presence is minimal too. The book is centered around a royal family learning to open up to each other so that they can love one another. Albaric’s presence really did shake the foundation of the love and fealty Aric and his parents held for one another.

I loved the instant bond between Aric and Albaric. They stick up for one another and give each other another perspective to consider. I grew frustrated at the actions of the King and I felt angry when there seemed to be no way to pacify the King’s fears. This story has a very slow pace as the story takes time to explore the family dynamics. While very different from what I was expecting I did enjoy the story enough to find out how everything would end.



Read in May 2018


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