Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1

fullmetal-alchemist-fullmetal-edition-vol-1-9781421599779Fullmetal Alchemist: Fullmetal Edition
Volume 1
Written and illustrated by Arakawa, Hiromu

Publisher: VIZ Media

Release Date: May 8, 2018

Format: DRC from Edelweiss

In a world where alchemy has a prominent role, Edward and Alphonse Elric are in pursuit of the legendary Philosopher’s Stone to reverse a mistake from their past.

I cannot fully comment on the quality of this Full Metal Edition since I only received the digital reader’s copy, but I can comment on the story and a few features of this edition.

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers who find themselves within the crossfires of those who use alchemy for their own personal greed. The rules of alchemy are introduced and we learn that there can be severe consequences if alchemy is not used correctly. While littered with a few antagonists here and there to help progress the story, the main antagonist is introduced early on where we learn there is something much bigger transpiring behind the scenes.

Edward and Alphonse are not perfect characters. They have their own agenda in play as they try to regulate alchemy users, and they stay true to their believes. They are also two very different people so I can’t help but be interested in seeing how their brothership roles will be chanllenged and developed.


My first introduction to this world was through the first anime adaption. I’ve heard that the second adaption of anime was more faithful to the manga but I have yet to watch it. I also have not read the manga either. I have to say that receiving this DRC really makes me want to read the series and thankfully my library still owns the series.

This edition has 269 pages of material. For a while I had to wrap my mind around the difference in page lengths because a single volume has around 190 pages, and this definitely did not have two volumes. The collector’s edition has chapters one to six of the manga which is one and half of a volume of the series. I decided to check the first two volumes from my library first before I wrote my review just to make sense of the page length. I really wanted to see what changes were made too. My guess is the collector’s editions will be a reproduction of the 18 volume kanzenban already released in Japan.


Yay! I can see more.

Excluding opening and ending publisher credits, I’m assuming there will be roughly 15 pages of new material? I’ll just have to see when the book is released. Hopefully the Extras that are included in the single volumes will be included in the collector’s edition.

While there are a few changes in translation here and there, BUT the change is not so obvious that it changes the story. Main concepts retain their original names. The changes in translation that I can find so far in this first volume is a word’s synonym being used (like church for temple) or a few words added in to complete a speech bubble. The most notable change is the lettering. The font is bigger in size, the font has also been updated to show “emotion”, and the SFX has dramatically been updated. The SFX update makes a more seamless read from right-to-left and up-to-down and keeps the integrity of some action scenes intact.

I wouldn’t mind owning the collector’s edition, but since I have limited funds I do find the 3-in-1’s more appealing. Who knows though, I may just buy the collector’s edition that has my favorite story arc (once I’ve actually read the series and the edition has actually released).




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