Manga: A Strange and Mystifying Story Volume 3

AStrangeAndMystifyingStory3A Strange and Mystifying Story
Volume 3
written and illustrated by Suzuki, Tsuta

Publisher: VIZ Media | Sublime

Release Date: May 8, 2018

Format: DRC from Edelweiss


In volume three Setsu and Akio take the backseat as the relationship between Tetsu and Minamiura gets explored from when the two co-workers first met to the events of the prior story. Their story is very sweet and I find myself enjoying how their relationship develops. In the latter half of the story the life of Tsumugi Shirota is explored. Tsumugi is Minamiura’s step-son so it’s nice to see how all the characters are interconnected to each other.

I do have to say that all the subtle actions between Tetsu and Minamiura in the first two volumes did make me want a volume dedicated exploring their relationship. So I was very happy when I saw more of them in the third volume. There was no rush in the progression of their relationship and they both were so hilarious. I like how the idea of a guardian deity is explored more outside of the Akio household because let’s be honest, sometimes concepts are not explored as much in yaoi manga. All the characters are fleshed out without the drama to keep me interested in learning about them.

The shift in focus of characters was a smart play because I’m sure that when Setsu and Akio are visited again the heart strings will be pulled. For the moment, I am hooked on Tsumugi’s story.




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