Manga: Clay Lord Volumes 1-3

Clay Lord: Master of Golems
written and illustrated by Jun Suzumoto

Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment

Release Dates:

Volume 1: April 21, 2015
Volume 2: August 18, 2015
Volume 3: December 1, 2015

Format: Physical copies from bookshelf

ClayLordv1Volume 1: Earth Magic

Clay, a young golem molder, is accompanied by his three overprotective golems (Kurogane, Shirogane, and Rose) as he goes to the city in hopes of selling his very first golem. Clay finds himself being sought by evil forces after seeing his unique abilities put in action.

I was first introduced to this manga as a fan translation before it was picked up by an English publisher. The golem system was very unique. I had not read a manga where the focus was specifically on golems. The first volume built the relationship dynamic Clay has with his golems. Unlike other golems, his golem companions have a will and mind of their own. I loved the family dynamic portrayed and the silliness that occurs when they are together. There are some predictable moments, but they did not detract from the story being told.

ClayLordv2Volume 2: Buried and Forgotten

Clay’s past is further explored in this volume and revelations are made.

There is a lot of foreshadowing that surrounds Clay’s past but more so his amnesia that continues into this volume. While Clay has come to terms with his amnesia he begins to uncover information that makes him wonder of the past. I must say that the events that led to Clay’s amnesia made me cry. I could feel the desperation Clay went through as he wanted to protect his current family. I like the character progression as Clay takes a more active in fighting the bad guys. Instead of being the one who is protected he enters the battlefield to fight with his family. I just find that so beautiful.

ClayLordv3Volume 3: Breaking the Mold!

Clay has come to terms with his past and is practicing his skills until perfection. The guild that enforces golem rules has a problem with Clay’s golem companions that can think for themselves.

Just when Clay can finally have an ounce of happiness there is always something not allowing it. In this final volume Clay is trying to hone his golem building abilities that his family is iconic for. He is met with an ultimatum from the guild pertaining his future when Kurogane and Shirogane make the decision for him. As always, Kurogane and Shirogane’s decisions on important topics continue to hurt Clay as they try to protect him. The final antagonist is very similar to most antagonists—wanting to control a powerful device to achieve their utopia. When Clay is reunited with a personality-less Kurogane and Shirogane I felt so much for Clay because he misses their quirks so much. I do think that this gave Clay the resolve to determine what kind of golem he wants to create. Then when Clay finally found the perfect combination to his golem-making skills I was so proud of him. All the events did wrap up nicely. A little cheezy but I’m just glad Clay can finally relax.


Read in March 2018


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