Book: Heir of Novron

HeirofNovronHeir of Novron
Book 3 to Riyria Revelations
by Michael J. Sullivan

Publisher: Hachette Book Group | Orbit

Format: Borrowed from the Library

The first part in the book wrapped up all the events in the second book. There is a struggle in power in the New Empire as the Heir slowly finds their place. Royce and Hadrian discover a secret about the Heir of Novron and decide to infiltrate the New Empire in hopes of rescuing Degan Gaunt. Hadrian finds himself in a tight place within the walls as Royce tries to stay a few paces ahead of an old adversary.

I was on my toes and constantly looking forward to what would happen. The chapters had a similar set up to the second book where the chapters would focus on Riyria and the characters of the New Empire. I was finally happy when Modina started to play an active role because by this point the antagonists were pulling all the shots.

The focus was more on Hadrian this time around as he tries surviving in the New Empire. Royce is left dealing with some unfinished business before meeting up with Hadrian.

I second part of the book was a treat. Royce and Hadrian are joined by Arista, Myron, and a few more on a journey to finding an ancient artifact in a lost city. There are information dumps here in there, but they are necessary to understand the history of the country more. Mostly because Myron, my favorite character, is telling them. As it turns out there is more to history than what is written.

Arista develops her talents more, but I don’t like how she still holds some contempt against it when other people brought her talent up. While the romance of who Arista ends up with does make sense there is a tiny bit of me that can’t buy it. I do like the notion of learning to love oneself when there is someone who also loves that part.

While I was reading I was too focused on what they were trying to overcome to really focus on the ending.  I do like how everything wraps up, but I was just left a little underwhelmed by the ending. With all the exciting events that happened I really don’t know what I was expecting.

There was a lot of foreshadowing on some characters and events here and there that did make some things obvious to me. That didn’t take away from the story being told though. While there were some hits and misses for me I must say that this book is phenomenon. It delivered on the adventure, the action, and added just a tiny bit of mystery that intrigued me to the end.



Read in April 2018

Now I’m just looking forward to reading about where it all started.


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