Book: Rise of Empire

RiseofEmpireRise of Empire
Book 2 to Riyria Revelations
by Michael J. Sullivan

Publisher: Hachette Book Group | Orbit

Format: Physical copy from personal bookshelf

With the Heir of Novron being found and new alliances forming the New Empire, the kingdom of Melengar decides to turn to the Nationalists as allies. Arista journeys with Royce and Hadrian to form the alliance with Degan Gaunt. The journey to meet one man has them travelling from one place to another.

In this book the story is split between the trio’s journey and the events happening in the New Empire. We learn more of Hadrian’s past and past figures in Royce’s past begin stirring up trouble. Their past as partners was also told in snippets throughout the book too. Not to mention Hadrian is going through a small mid-life crisis where he doesn’t what he’s supposed to be doing. Arista gets a bigger role in the story and we can see the changes she goes through as she is roughing it with the guys. There are characters introduced in the New Empire side, Amilia and Nimbus, that help progress the story too.

I was fascinated with the story because I was learning new aspects to this world. I found the New Empire chapters intriguing because, while I knew who the antagonists were, there were innocent ordinary people involved. Learning who they were made me root for them when they were struggling in their tasks and this made me wonder how everything was going to wrap up nicely.

There were times where I could figure out what was going on, but also times were I was surprised by what happened especially during the latter half of the book. My one small complaint is that I wish Arista could have embraced what she had more instead of focusing on why no man ever showed interest in her. I understand that this gives Arista more opportunities in the romance aspect and I sort of had an idea of what was going to happen from all the small clues here and there. BUT if she was used to having different interests than other noble princesses I would have thought she would have accepted her differences more easily. This insecurity of hers does make her more human and I was more irked than I was annoyed. Maybe there’s an adjustment period for her to become more comfortable with her talents. I will like to see how she develops in the third book though since she her talents just started to bloom in this book.

Myron didn’t get a chance to appear in the book, but I did like it when he was referenced.



Re-read in April 2018

Even though I read it back in 2014, it seems I only remember the events that happened in the first book. Maybe I should just consider this my first read because while reading the book nothing jogged any memory of having read it. Did I just dream that I read this book?


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