Manga: Case Closed Volume 66

CaseClosedVolume66Case Closed: Love in Blossom
Volume 66
By Gosho Aoyama

Publisher: VIZ MEDIA

Format: DRC

Release Date: April 10, 2018

In volume 66 Conan and Nagano Prefecture gang wrap up the Red Wall Case. There is another Metropolitan Police arc and this time Detective Santos gets a turn to shine by sharing a memory of his first love. The Detective League decide to investigate a warehouse that is rumored to be haunted and witnesses have reported seeing treasure in the empty warehouse. Harley Hartwell is also in town needing help in tracking down the man who has Kazuha’s lucky charm that he mistakenly gave away.

As always, I love the amount of detail that goes into the research and in the illustrations. With the amount of characters introduced and appearing I was always aware of who was speaking. The format of each case is set up in three acts. First there is the introduction to the case, then the clues are discovered, and finally the revealing of the culprit.

While reading I was always trying to figure out who-dun-it when there are three suspects. I give up very easy since the slip-ups are not always obvious, and partly because I’m interested in being told how it happened. There is some character progression in the case of Detective Santos and the Osaka duo. I know we will be seeing more of them in the future. Now there is also Nagano to explore when there was only Beika and Osaka before. At this point ( with sixty-six volumes in) I am just looking forward to what cases Conan stumbles across.


I grew frustrated when reading this because I had to read it on my PC version of Adobe Digital Editions (when Digital Editions started acting up). The PC version is definitely not made for reading illustration content at a seamless pace.

Read in March 2018


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