Manga: Moteki

Volume 1
By Mitsurou Kubo

Publisher: Kodansha | Vertical

Release Date: April 3, 2018

Format: DRC from Netgalley


Yukiyo Fujimoto has not had a relationship for as long as he has been alive when suddenly he gets contacted by several women in his past. Ready for a change he decides to seek these women out just to find out that for him to find love he must grow up first.

For a slice-of-life manga this realistic drawing portrayed the story and message very well. Fujimoto is a cynical man when it comes to love since all his experiences has only hurt him. I found the story to have much more impact and some realism to the characters.

I loved the use of the harem in this manga. In anime and manga harems are portrayed with three or more people of the opposite sex expressing some romantic interest in the main character. Typically found in such mediums, the main character is a heterosexual male. Depending on how the story is told I usually try to avoid harems since girls fighting over one guy for no reason just don’t interest me. I like how Fujimoto is taking an active role in pursuing a human connection. This makes all his efforts more meaningful.

That being said, Fujimoto is a very flawed main character. He can’t make up his mind on who he likes, but he will take the initiative to understand each woman to see if he can make her happy. He’s also quick to denounce love, but once he decides to take an active role in finding some closure from all these women he shines just a bit more.

The main focus is not on the romance as there is not much. I feel the focus is more on Fujimoto learning to break out of his shell to find what it is he actually wants. I can’t help but want to see what kind of man he turns out to be in the end.



Since I read this in a digital format I didn’t notice the length of this first volume until I read it. I was surprised to see it was around 400 pages when the typical pages are around 200 pages. I don’t come across this very often so it was a pleasant surprise.

Read in March 2018


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