Revisit – Manga: Delicious in Dungeon

DiDv4Delicious in Dungeon
Volume 4
Written & drawn by: Kui, Ryoko




The adventurously eating adventurers have finally reached the abandoned orc village where the red dragon was last spotted–and, from the chard and crumbling evidence, where it is still active and on the prowl! No matter the risks, Laios is determined to recover what’s left of Falin and resurrect her, but taking down the massive red dragon will be no easy task, even on a full stomach! Someone’s going to wind up on the menu, but will it be red dragon steak or flame-grilled adventurer?!

Original goal: Rescue Falin
Met goal this volume? Yes
New Goal: Escape Dungeon (?)

New ideas introduced:

  • Dungeon’s mysteries; especially the immortality spell.
  • Maybe there is more to the Dungeon than just the buried city.
  • Forbidden Spell Marcille casted seems to have some effect of Falin. In next volume I will probably see how it has affected her magic.

Meals this volume:

It all looks so good.


  • Dungeon’s immortality spell. What is it? How deeply rooted is it into the dungeon?
  • Are there any negative consequences for using Black Magic?
    • Pigs & Goats are usually used, so did the Dragon flesh make a difference?
    • Did any other soul get revived with Falin? Just wondering since Namari mentioned it.
  • There was an Elf that appeared in Dungeon near the end of the volume. Is she the mage of the city or just an elf who snuck in to study the immortality spell? Is she the same Elf who appeared when Laios went into the Living Frames?
  • Since Dwarves have owned the island, are there more there? Or Senshi the only one who stayed behind.


  • Now that Falin has been “unlocked” perhaps we will learn more of each characters past a bit more.
    • Saw a bit of Laois’ childhood in this volume. Perhaps will see more.
    • Maybe will see more of Falin & Marcille’s days in school.
    • Maybe more insights about the dungeon will be seen since Falin’s gift (to see spirits) is pretty handy.

Favorite Scenes:


Read in March 2018


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