Anime Talk: School Babysitters

Expect spoilers if you’ve never read the manga. 

I’m eight episodes in on this anime. There are only four left. Since I cheated and read the manga (after episode seven) I started looking forward to see which chapters would be brought to life. This transitioned to me thinking on how the anime will wrap up. I will get around to that, but I’m going to share my thoughts on what could happen first.

I have already seen the preview to episode nine so there will just be three episodes for my guesswork.



Characters first. Based on the opening scene all the parents are shown there. So far we’ve seen snippets of Midori-chan’s father, and I’m just assuming that he will have a bigger role. Kirin-chan’s father has yet to appear.

I’m going to assume that one stone will be used and the Culture Festival chapter will be used. This way all the fathers will have a chance to appear and interact with each other. That chapter is also very cute since the kids will be in costumes Usaida provided them.

I feel like an episode where Ryuuichi and Kotarou learn of Youko-san’s affections for them. The boys will be able to see that their relationship is more than a simple give and take environment. The chapter where Youko-san hurts her back would be a nice one. (That sounds bad but the impact of the chapter shows character progression.)

I wouldn’t mind seeing Inomata and Ushimaru’s friendship get a chance to shine.  I mean, Ryuuichi does get glad whenever Inomata has friends so an episode on how she is conversing with peers can help. There’s the chapter where Inomata tries to help Ushimaru get over her dislike of kids.

I don’t think these chapters will appear, but they would be so cute if they did appear on screen. I wouldn’t mind seeing Takuma and Kazuma’s first errand. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the Sports Festival chapter appear. The events that occur in that chapter is so cute.

Finally, the wrap-up.

I feel like a good point to wrap-up the anime is when Ryuu-ichi is studying for his midterms. He is so busy studying that once exams are over he is reminded that he wants to be with Kotarou as long as he can before he grows up.



I may have gone too far out (in terms of volumes) in search of the perfect wrapup. There is also another chapter I feel can wrap everything up and is much closer to the other chapters chosen for the anime. The Hinamatsuri chapter lets us learn more about Youko-san and see Kotarou’s feelings for everyone.

Honestly, I don’t really care how the anime ends. I’ll just be happy seeing the episode yet sad that anime is ending.

I will probably do another update of the entire series after the 12th episode.


Premiered on January 7, 2018
Episodes updated each Sunday

Written before seeing episode nine (so I have not seen episode ten previews)




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