Reading Log: Feb 26 – Mar 3

I keep forgetting to add a couple webcomics that I typically read. I go on Lezhin to read BL webcomics. Yes, I do purchase coins to get the episodes. I try to take advantage of their Coinback Events just so I can get more comics, and their Coin sales since I get more of a deal that way. I have points accumulated but I rarely use them. The only way I can use them is to shave off some dollars when I purchase coins outside of their Coin sale periods.

I started off my day by reading episode 55 of Dolphin Fairy. It took me a while to get into the series because of the coloring style of the webcomic. The coloring style is like a watercolor effect that really became iconic for me.

As I was taking advantage of the previous Coinback Event, I purchased a set amount of coins for one series so I could spent the returned coins on upcoming releases. This is when I read episode 20 to My Starry Sky and episode 13 to BJ Alex.

Royal Servant finally came back with episode 49. (*⌒∇⌒*) I understand that genuis needs time off. I am all for authors taking time off for themselves. I just don’t like the waiting game. This wait was worth it though. Things are finally getting more interesting.

That’s all I’ve read from Lezhin. They currently have another Coinback Event for different series. I’m stock piling my regular releases until I get my coins back. Lezhin has more than BL series on there. I promise. I just seek BL out more than other genres.

While researching Spiritpact I learned that Tencent Comics had a partnership with Tapas. I quickly went to Tapas just to see what was on there. While surfing I decided to give My Cunning Boyfriend (you guessed it, BL) a try and reached the latest episode (5.1). While I am glad that I found another site to read more creations I’m just not sure how often I will go on it. I’ll give it one more try to at least find a few interesting series. Other than BL I like action webcomics too.

Then I decided to pick up volume four of Delicious in Dungeon. ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪) I love this series. I am sad though that after volume five releases in May the English will be all caught up to the Japanese releases. I will always have something to look forward to though.

I decided to surf for more manga. Seriously, I should just pick up a book instead, BUT I got a five dollar credit for joining Kobo so I looked for goodies on there. I went with volume one of A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School (ATAGS) and volume two of Tricky Prince. (This was already more than the five dollar credit but I justified it with the difference between the total and the credit.) I already owned the first volume to Tricky Prince and I guess I just wanted to see how their relationship would end so I picked up the second one. At first glance, ATAGS just seemed like a fun read and the main character’s personality really appealed to me at the time. I did enjoy the manga and I will probably be following this series too.

Then I had cut off my spending habit. (Sally, you’re trying to be faithful to your budget remember!) I decided to read my unread manga on my bookshelf. That’s when I read volumes one and two to Black Sun, a BL manga. I had first read the fan translated version of volume one before I knew that there was an English publication. I had finally gotten around to purchasing the second volume last month. I really wasn’t in a rush to find out how the series ended in the second volume, but now I know.


Releases I regularly follow:
Mo: Dolphin Fairy
Th: Killing Stalking (hiatus)
Fr: H&H Roman Company
Ten: Royal Servant

Releases I get when I need something different:
Tu: My Starry Sky, BJ Alex


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