Anime Log: Feb 26 – Mar 3

So I finally decided to physically record all my logs just so I didn’t take so much time thinking of what I watched during the week. I’m sure this will make everything easier now so I can just update my logs on Sunday without much trouble (and not procrastinate my logs until Monday–which is what I did).

As usual, I was in lingo waiting for new episodes on Crunchyroll. I decided to watch this series that I saw an update for. I was surprised since I had not seen any update for that series in a while so I assumed that the series got picked up for a second season. I usually take that as a good sign and decided to give the series a try. I’m glad that I did because I adored it.

On Tuesday evening, I stayed up to marathon season one of Spiritpact. ♥♥♥♥ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ I really did not think that I would like it as much as I did. When I looked at the thumbnails (I blame episode one’s thumbnail) I just assumed it would be horror-esque. I was totally wrong. The storyline was very interesting and at times really surprised me (especially episode six and that Sailor Moon-esque scene). Then add in titles like “Youmeishi,” an interesting storyline, supernatural elements, powerful ancestors, and bishounen characters on the screen and I got caught.

Now this is one of those times where I decided to do some more research. I was too curious not to. When I first watched the anime, I was surprised to hear a Chinese song for the opening. (This was before I did my research.) Then I saw the clothing style for the characters, and there were times where to the Japanese dubbing didn’t match the animation movements. Turns out, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Turns out Spiritpact is based on the manhua Ling Qi that was written and drawn by Ping Zi. This manhua is published on Tencent Comic. (It’s always at times like these where I wish I knew how to read the language.ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚) Upon learning that it was a manhua I looked on MangaUpdate just to see if there was a English Publisher. (。•́︿•̀。) There wasn’t. I did browse the Tencent Comic website and found the series though. I have to saw that the comic is full-color and the drawing style is very beautiful.

Then I just clicked random links that could be related to the series just so I can get some information on the series. It seems Tencent Comics has a partnership with Tapas Media and some of their bestselling titles would be available to English readers. Now this article was back in 2017. Wow. I just realized that was last year. This means the migration just began and there is a chance Tapas could pick this series up this year, RIGHT?!!! Uwaaah, I’m crossing my fingers. (д)۶ㅂ٩(д)

While I did watch the first episode to season two I’m going to wait until all twelve episodes are out and do another marathon. From what I gathered Tanmoku Ki’s past plays a role in season two which will allow for more story arcs to be seen. I really don’t think I’ll be able to take it if I had to wait each week for a release.(>‿‿< )I can’t wait! Future me is going to love me so much. I also wonder how far this series can go because I will do my best to support it.

Then on Wednesday I wanted to give other types of anime a try because maybe my bias had just been unfair. So I watched Wagnaria!! and I finished episode seven of season one when I gave up. The characters in this family restaurant setting are unique and the character interactions were funny, but there were also times where I just got a bit annoyed with some of their (the girls’) personalities. So I took a step away. I usually do like Slice of Life, but whether I continue or not really depends on the characters.

Later on that night I stumbled across xxxHOLIC and I decided to re-watch season one. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the anime so it was refreshing to relearn the series again. I still enjoy the episodes where Doumeki appears in and I still find episode 20 a tad bit scary. Man. Just watching all these CLAMP crossovers makes me want to watch Tsubasa – Reservoir Chronicle. I was so close to purchasing the manga last night but I refrained since I’m trying to implement a budget. So to satisfy what I currently do not know I have been reading summaries of the events that occurred for both series. I am a bit confused still, but I’m sure reading the series would help tremendously.

Episode three to Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family came out on Thursday. While I have not seen the Fate series I am interested in cooking anime. I had originally thought that this was a simple food anime until I saw the first episode and connected the dots. While I do not have any attachment to the characters or know how everyone is connected I’m going to keep watching just to see what is being prepared.

Friday finally rolled around so I patiently waited for Hakata (episode eight) to appear on my feed. Episode seven left off on a cliffhanger and I was wondering how everything would be wrapped up. I grew curious on wondering how long the anime would be and seems like there will be 12 episodes. There’s only four left. (。•́︿•̀。) I read more about the series from Anime News Network and found that it’s labeled as a crime drama. haha That label fits it so well.

Finally, on Saturday I had the day to myself so I spent my time watching anime. I started off my morning with episodes 45 to 49 of Bono Bono. I really don’t know how I started watching the series, but once I did I just continued watching. Now I’m just watching it because the characters are so cute. Then I watched Black Cat. I had absolutely no idea what the anime was about so I did a quick reference check a few episodes in. I quickly saw that the anime was based off the manga. This just made me want to read the manga more to see if there is anything the anime left out, and to see how faithful the adaptation was. I saw that VIZ had the series so Black Cat is going on my list (of manga I’m going to get one day).


Spiritpact information links:
[01] [02] [03]


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