February Reading Stats

While I do like doing wrap-ups I’m still trying to figure out how I want to share my opinions on books. So until my review process is to my liking I’m going to try a different way to keep track on which books I’ve read for the month.

TOTAL READ              27
     of books                  1
     of manga               19
     of webcomics                  7
Total pages       3,816
     average pages            141
     as e-copies               24
     as ARCs                  1

Manga can really add up the pages, but the only thing that makes those pages worthwhile was that I enjoyed reading them. I also was not sure how to count pages for an episode of a webcomic (since there is no page flipping involved) so I just counted each episode read as a page.

Title’s I’ve Read:

  1. His Favorite v1 – v10 (1,868 pages)
  2. God of High School episodes 260-345 (85 pages)
  3. Hardcore Leveling Warrior episodes 1-28 (28 pages)
  4. Athena Complex episodes 1-65 (65 pages)
  5. A Strange & Mystifying Story (210 pages)
  6. Am I in Love or Just hungry? (213 pages)
  7. Restaurant to Another World v1 – v2 (336 pages)
  8. Attack on Titan chapter 102 (45 pages)
  9. The Morose Mononokean chapters 49 – 53 (183 pages)
  10. Does the Flower Blossom v1 – v3 (600 pages)
  11. Convenience Store Woman (176 pages)
  12. Dolphin Fairy episode 55
  13. My Starry Sky episode 20
  14. BL Alex episode 13
  15. My Cunning Boyfriend episodes 1.1 – 5.1 (4 pages)




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