Reading Log: Feb 19 – 24

Again, not much book reading this week. I had to work the weekend and during my breaks I would usually be reading a book. I had purchased a Sudoku book and spent all my breaks solving the puzzles. (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ  I’ve been playing Sudoku on my phone, but I always felt it was too easy that way.

I finished my electronic copy of Convenience Store Woman that I started earlier this month. I have to say that this book really strayed from what I initially thought it would play out. I thought there would be a sweet romance that buds but I guess not. I might do a little research on the book first before I do a review on it since my copy was an ARC.

While I know I shouldn’t be doing so but because I loved the anime so much I decided to read the fan translated manga, School Babysitters. (´ㅂ`) So cute. I could have waited until the anime was over just so that I had something to look forward to. I didn’t. I plan on getting the manga (in due time). Even though I do not know a lot of Japanese I like reading manga as if they’re picture books. My mind always runs wild.

Ahaha. I don’t quite remember if this was all that I read or if I’m missing a few, but I’ll just end this log here.

Until next time.



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