Reading Log: Feb 12 – 17

My anime phase carried over to this week so I did not get a lot of reading done. I had ordered a manga back on the fourth and I got it on the ninth. After continuing my room reorganization project, I found the other two volumes in the series and I decided to continue reading the series.

So, all I read was volumes one to three of Does the Flower Blossom? by Hidaka, Shoko. There are five volumes in this series with the fifth and final volume being released back in 2015 and so far only three have been translated into English. I was first introduced to this series through fan translations of the manga, but after learning that the series was picked up to be officially released in the U.S. I’ve been patiently waiting for each volume. (´;︵;`) The wait is always long but each release is always worth the wait. I sincerely hope that I do not have wait for two more years until the fourth volume comes out.

I love the plot for the manga and I appreciated the fact that the romance took a while to build.

Until next time. ( ❝̆ ·̫̮ ❝̆ )✧



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