Reading Log: Feb 5 – 10

I really was not in the mood to continue reading Here Be Dragons so I looked on my Crunchyroll Manga app to see what was new.

I finally decided to read Restaurant to Another World manga (so far only two volumes have been released). I had seen the anime first so I wanted to see how the series will progress. There is always something about food manga that draws me in and adding a fantasy element just made everything more interesting. I am always looking forward to seeing which characters will find the door and what kind of food they would order. (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

I saw that the latest release of Attack on Titan was also out so I quickly read that. ヽ( ★ω★)ノEver since I saw the anime for the series (one or two years ago) I quickly purchased the manga volumes until I reached the latest release. I was a late to the bandwagon, but after I watched the anime I understood the popularity. Maybe we are finally going to see the finale because I am really interested in how this series will end. I really need to do my research to see when each chapter is released. (I am always checking the app on a Monday.)

Then I decided to catch up on The Morose Mononokean. I had actually read the manga first so I was excited when I saw episode 1 of the anime series appear on Crunchyroll (months ago). Abeno-san didn’t sound like how I thought he would sound from when I was reading the manga, but I eventually could not see anyone else portraying him.

Since I worked during the weekend I decided to read my arc of Convenience Store Woman I received from Netgalley. The book is short but so far I am really interested in how the main character’s life will change. I’ll talk more about it after I actually finish it (and formed my thoughts about it).

I’m pretty sure that was it. I mostly spent my time binge watching anime so my reading wasn’t as productive. I’m also trying to organize and clean my room so it’s not too crowded so I might not have enough time. I’ll probably just pick up some manga.

Until next time. ( ❝̆ ·̫̮ ❝̆ )✧



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