Anime Log: Feb 5 – 10

(▰˘︹˘▰) I got into one of moods where I just wanted to watch something. So I browsed on Crunchyroll so see what series I could possibly watch. Now I know the anime that I watched are not my usually genres but I was bored. Anything would have worked. Anything!! (Although, after reflecting a bit, maybe I should have watched the movies my sister lent me instead?)


So I binge watched Parasyte and season one of Psycho-Pass.

I had read the manga to Parasyte before I watched the anime so I had a general idea of what the series was about. While reading the first volume of the manga I was left very intrigued by the whole concept of an “alien” invasion. I just consider them aliens because I did not know what to consider them besides that. When I saw the anime, I was a little excited to see how the story would play out because I have yet to purchase the rest of the volumes. (☉_☉) Yep, it was just as gory.

I did not know what to expect for Psycho-Pass though. I mean I’ve seen the episodes appear on Crunchyroll and sometimes mentioned on LootCrate Anime but I really did not know what it was about.

Honestly I only watched it because of this:  psychopass
I had recognized the drawing style as Amano-sensei’s and thought this was one of her works.

(ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ) Hhhmmmm….. Watching it just didn’t seem like one of Amano-sensei’s works though. The dark tone of the manga and the writing direction just didn’t seem to fit. While looking on Manga Update I also saw that the manga was from another mangaka. ヽ(´Д`ヽミノ´Д`)ノ What is going on?!

With a little research I saw that Amano-sensei just did the character design. (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

I did enjoy the anime but I was left feeling not so satisfied with how season one ended. Season two was readily available but I just didn’t feel the “umph” factor to continue watching. Not much impact for me. The tone of the manga’s environment also made me identify with Ginzo’s adherence to protocol and dislike Tsunemori’s character. I feel as if I’m too easily influenced by what I watch (like a kid), or maybe I just disliked how pure she was in this genre. All I know is that this anime really got me thinking of who the “bad guy” really was, and while that is good it just put a damper to my mood.  I also spoiled myself about the movie so now I’m even more hesitant in watching season two. SPOILER if you hover over me 

Until next time.



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