January 2018 Wrap-up


I started off this year with a fantastic series. I really did not have any high expectations for Half Bad when I picked it up. I ended up loving the series though. The best way to read this book is going into it with no expectations. That’s what I did. This book just came to me at a perfect time too which made the whole reading experience much more memorable. More of my thoughts and my ratings for each book can be found here.

wrapup1b This was a re-read. I wanted to read something short and quick after reading the Half Bad series. I really wanted to try and get over all the feels I got from the series because that’s usually what affects my slumps. Turns out I only got through two of the three volumes that I own. I should know better by now that I shouldn’t force these things and just let me feel what I need to feel at the moment.

Delicious in Dungeon takes a twist on the classic role playing game (RPG) where the story follows a knight, a magic user, and a picklock as they travel within a dungeon to rescue one of their companions who was eaten by a dragon. With little money and no food they have no choice but to live off whatever they can find in the dungeon. Luckily they meet a dwarf who is willing to share his recipes using the monsters lurking within the dungeon. I do have a post sharing my thoughts of the manga here.

I ended up taking a two day break to let the feels run their course. I really did not know what to read. I did not want to jump right into another series because I knew that I would be comparing so I picked up The Bane Chronicles (★★★★) by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson. It was fun learning what Magnus went through. I don’t think reading the stories are necessary to understand the whole series, but each story does help explain why Magnus makes the choices he made. I loved the illustrations for each short story. They were short, simple, and funny.


I got an arc of Waking Gods from NetGalley, but I did not read Sleeping Giants yet. So, when I got the e-book from B&N last year I decided I should actually get around to it. Sleeping Giants (★★★✬) is written by Sylvain Neuvel and this book is about a top secret team of the US government uncovering bits and pieces of an artifact that are scattered around the world. Slowly they are uncovering what the artifact is and how this discovery is going to change the world.

The book is written in an interview format and it is very important to read the headings because they play an important role in the storytelling. Sometimes I bypass the headings completely (which might have affected my reading experience with The Night Circus). There is one man interviewing the members of the team so what we learn about the characters and the artifact is through their interactions. One thing I would have liked was trying to build a connection with the characters. Maybe some personal logs that the characters provided could have been put in. I guess I just wanted to like the characters more. I just felt so disconnected with the characters. What I did appreciate were the interviews that provided different angles to a certain event. This did help paint a picture of everything that was happening.

I was left with a small slump afterwards because my expectations were very high. I was expecting a lot of action sequences but there was not much. Most of the story is finding the pieces and learning how the artifact functions. While reading the artifact is metal but I keep picturing an artifact that was made of the Earth. Then when I reminded myself it was metal I started picturing the Megazord.

To get myself out of the slump I picked up A Dog’s Purpose (★★★★) by W. Bruce Cameron. No I haven’t watched the movie yet. I’m not much of a theater-goer or a Red Box person. I usually just watch whatever is on Netflix. I really did not know what to expect going into the book. All I know is that the book follows a certain dog’s life as they are reincarnated into different lives. Heartwarming and beautiful. This book made me cry. I enjoyed Bailey’s story the most. There were moments when the dense part of me was confused at some points. For example, since the story is told from the dog’s point-of-view there are certain things a dog would not now about humans. So when the dog talked about humans wrestling I was thrown a bit before I took the time to dissect what it meant.

Night Film (★★★✬) by Marisha Pessl left me a bit disappointed. I did not know much about the book but I have seen the book around BookTube. Maybe I’m just very picky of my mysteries? I like being left in awe of how everything comes together. While I did like how the book wrapped up I was left questioning everything. The book was a bit creepy since are dealing with the main character investigating a director who is allegedly associated with a cult.  With a main character who is logical he doesn’t seem to take the time to explore things logically. I see him more as a skeptic who went with the flow of events.


What I read in January: seven books, two novellas, and two manga.

What I read on the:
4th) Half Bad
5th) Half Wild
6th) Half Lost, Half Truths, Half Lies, Delicious in Dungeon Volume 1 & 2
9th) The Bane Chronicles
10th) Sleeping Giants
18th) A Dog’s Purpose
23rd) Night Film


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