Reading Log: Jan 29 – Feb 3

I picked up Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman and got through the prologue and first chapter. I had to babysit so I couldn’t really watch a baby and read at the same time. I do own all three books of this trilogy and they have been on my bookshelf for a few years. I’ve been prolonging the inevitable because I was either not in the mood to read the book since it is historical or I did not want to change my initial anticipations of this book. I have a feeling the book is going to get a bit political. I just need to get my mind prepared.

However, I found myself not being in the perfect mood to read the book. Darn. So I finally finished the second season of Iron Blood Orphans on Crunchyroll. щ(ಥДಥщ) That ending really put me in a sad mood even though there was an uplifting moment of sorts in the end. I started watching the anime because I was bored but I got invested in the lives of the characters. I know I shouldn’t have been so attached but all the characters were so cool that I wanted to know how everything would pan out for them. ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚ Maybe I shouldn’t have watched it.

Quickly, I needed to read something that would cheer me up. I thought maybe one of my favorite BL manga would do the trick so I re-read volumes one to ten of His Favorite by Tanaka, Suzuki. While cute I still wasn’t “happy” so I decided to pick up where I left off on The God of High School webcomic series by Park, Yongje. ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ Just what I needed. There was so much adrenaline and excitement. But then I got caught up to the latest release (episode 345). Noooooo~ just when everything was getting so good! I’m probably going to let the episodes build up again then go on another marathon.

Then the problem was that I had too much excitement. I decided to look though the Webtoons archives to see what was new and popular. I decided to see how far Noblesse, and The Tower were in episodes. Wow, The Tower had so many episodes, and just from the thumbnails there seems to be so much going on. I couldn’t bring myself to start because I have no idea which episode I left off from. That’s easily fixable because I do have a general idea where I left off but I just didn’t want to put in the effort to find out which episode it was. hehe

I suppose I could have picked up The Gamer to see how Jihan has developed, but then I saw Hardcore Leveling Warrior by Kim, Sehoon. (๑✧◡✧๑) Yes! I have found another favorite! I blew past the 28 episodes quickly.

<( ̄︶ ̄)> I was still happy though and I was on a roll!! So I picked up Athena Complex by Kaisar just to see what’s up. And… ╰| ⊡ _ ⊡ |╯I couldn’t get into Athena’s character. As I continued reading I just felt bad for Adrian and I did not like how a rift was created between Adrian and Sibyl so easily. With ten years of friendship I thought there would have been more trust. Although I had these feelings I did catch up the latest release (episode 65). I really don’t know whether to continue or not. I guess I just want to find out how everything ends. (I’m the type that needs some type of closure if I’m interested in one facet of a story. (⌒_⌒;) I wish this wasn’t true though.)

I started feeling a little annoyed so I decided to pick up some BL manga again. So I bought A Strange & Mystifying Story by Suzuki, Tsuta and Am I in Love or Just Hungry? by Abe, Akane from Sublime. While cheesy they hit the mark. I just needed a quick story of romance to uplift me.

So now I’m back at equilibrium.

Logging off to watch some School Babysitters.




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