BOOK DISCUSSION: Lord of Shadows

9781534406162_p0_v2_s192x300BOOK DISCUSSION

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Book 2 in The Dark Artifices Trilogy

Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books


Following tradition, I got my copy from my local library. I was first on the wait list!! (Which is kind of sad to me. There should have been a longer wait list.) However, I wasn’t able to read it right away because I had to wait for the book to be delivered to my local library, and if you remember, “Lord of Shadows” was released before Memorial Day. Which meant delayed shipping. I was so sad.

I had already recorded my reaction to the book, but I just need to get around to transcribing it. I can’t type as fast as I can speak so I tried recording just to capture my feelings at the moment and then fill in what I did not mention. There are no excuses for this delay. I was actually looking forward to transcribing it just so I can laugh at myself. However, since I’ve typed my book talks of “Ready Player One” and “Vicious” I figure I should get this done and over with.

Regardless of my issues with the dramatic love story I adored this book.

Not going to lie. I mainly read this to find out Kit’s story. I was not very interested in Emma and Julian’s love life, but I do want to know how their love with play out.

So this post is me reacting to my expectations from when I finished reading Lady Midnight.


I was disappointed. I was expecting to learn more of the bond. I guess I thought the second book would be heavily based on the bond so I was looking forward to learning some history on it. The only thing I really learned was that the bond can be forever broken. I also learned that the bond can be diluted enough due to distance so that the death of a partner in the bond would not be felt by the other i.e. Robert Lightwood. (I was very close to typing Langdon but had to remind myself it was Lightwood.)

Julian & Emma

I don’ t have much to say besides wanting to see how it will play out. I often found myself skimming over the parts when they are alone together because I was more interested in find out what everyone else was doing. I didn’t think there was much progression in their circumstances besides them finding out that they still love each other.

Annabelle & Malcom

I thought that their love was a tragic love story that would remain tragic, and tragic it remained. Annabelle kills Malcom (or whatever’s left of him). At the end of “Lady Midnight” I thought that Annabelle was fully resurrected, but turns out she is only half-resurrected. Although Malcom’s supposed death seemed too easy I thought that he was actually dead creating the perfect opportunity for Annabelle to seek revenge. I was so off in this prediction because we learn that there is more to their relationship than what was presented. I thought that Annabelle would be manipulative but was reminded through “Lord of Shadows” that she is a teenager and not an adult.

Cristina, Mark, Kieran

When Kieran came back into the picture I was thinking it was going to be a very strange love triangle. Then at one point I started thinking it would turn out to be a threesome. I highly doubt it though since it may be inappropriate for a book geared towards teen audiences. So then I had to play with the idea that this was a classic Cassandra Clare love triangle like it was presented in TID. I really do not know how their love story is going to play out.

For me I’m only seeing three possibilities:

  • Kieran decides to go back to the Wild Hunt
  • Circumstances renew Cristina’s feelings for Diego & Mark’s feelings for Kieran
  • One of them dies assuming war has broken out against the Unseelie Court

Kit & Ty

I thought I was seeing a spark between them (you know, romantic wise) but maybe this would not be the case. Maybe this is the start of a strong friendship like one Will and Jem had. I thought that they would be parabatai until Ty said that he was going to be parabatai with Livvy. They may end up parabatai though (if it still exists). I enjoyed learning more of Kit as a character. The interactions between Kit and Ty were very funny. I love how Ty sleeps in the corridor hoping Kit would go on investigations with him. It was heartwarming to see Jace interact with Kit, Herondale style.

I have a feeling Ty is going to feel as if he is at fault for Livvy’s death because he was the one who wrote to Annabelle.

Andrew, the Clave, Diana

No one really found out about Andrew’s condition besides Zara. Although Livvy, Ty, and Kit did learn that Julian was taking care of everything. May he rest in peace.

We also learn more of Diana’s past and why she is so reluctant to take up the position. Learning more of her circumstances helped me understand why. When I found out her secret I was really surprised because I did not see it coming.

TMI crew after 5 years

I was happy to see more of the crew. I do wonder what Clary and Jace’s secret mission is though. Is it obvious to you what they are doing because I have no idea what they’re doing! What are Jem and Tessa doing too? I’m pretty sure “Lady Midnight” touched upon it but I’ve forgotten. Shame on me.

I adored Rafael and Max. They were so cute especially when they were playing with Tavvy. I would also like to see more of Simon and Isabelle (unless I’m missing something, I haven’t read “The Shadowhunter Chronicles” yet though I’m pretty sure they are on their honeymoon, no?).

I also must mention Clary’s scary premonition of her death. I got so scared!! Please don’t kill off previous main characters. If she does die it’ll just make me question why I read TMI if this was her true destiny. Que, existential crisis.

Predictions (or Where I cheat & attempt to draw various conclusions)

Due to Tavvy and Robert’s death, Julian and Emma’s plan for exile will not happen. I don’t think either Julian or Emma would want to leave the grieving family alone. I’m sure Robert was the only one who knew about their plan for exile and since it is such a delicate subject I’m sure he did not write it down. I have a feeling that Magnus might need some R&R to recover from his magic exhaustion, and Mark may be too busy comforting the other children and his situation with Cristina & Kieran.

Since Julian and Emma are in close proximity with their feelings stronger than ever I feel as if Julian may become more erratic in his decisions. I just hope he doesn’t have any violent outbursts around the rest of the kids though because Ty is going to need the most help. I really want to learn more of the parabatai bond because I can see Julian severing the bond using the Black Volume of the Dead. I hope this is not their only option. I part of me feels as if their love would be tragic in the sense that one of them would give up their life so the other can go on in peace. Or following Carstairs tradition, Emma joins the Iron Sisters. Or maybe Emma decides to go off on her own to create some distance between them.

Of course, we will learn more of Kit’s past; especially, who his (faerie?) mother is. I have a feeling his mother is someone important if the Riders can recognize his eyes. Maybe he’s a descendant of the Unseelie Kings’ first son who was murdered (but was faked to make it seem as if he was murdered). But that seems too easy of a conclusion. Maybe the Seelie Queen took a liking to Johnny Rook? Maybe she isn’t faerie at all. Since the Shadowhunter World is not well versed in autism, I think Kit might find Mundane ways to help Ty cope. Maybe using Mundane methods would be widely accepted in the third book.

I also wonder how Dru’s vision of the faerie boy plays a part into the story. I’m thinking this faerie boy was the Unseelie’s King’s first born son? (Yes, Dru had an out of body experience where she traveled to the past.)

We will find out more on why Cortana is so powerful. Is it really due to their changing parabatai bond or is there more to it? Please let there be more to it. So sad to see the Mortal Sword gone though (mainly because it was a relic from the past that persevered to the present).

As for Annabelle, I have a feeling she may be manipulated by whoever saved here into using the Black Volume of the Dead since she does have a fragile mind. I don’t know what the broken crown during the whole teleportation scene was though. I was thinking Seelie Queen, but maybe there is a third party involved?

There will be a brawl with the Unseelie Court leaving the Cohort to lick their wounds (since they believe their weapons still work against faeries), but before any full out war occurs, TDA crew would have gotten all the clues to prevent the escalation.

That’s all I have. I am too wishy-washy.

Read in May 2017
P.S. Funny moments when I was voice recording my experience.


  • I struggled so much with this word because it was the first time I said it out loud. It sounded funny and I wasn’t sure if I was pronouncing it correctly.

Black Volume of the Dead

  • You would think that because this item was the one thing everyone was trying to find I would have remembered what it was called. I didn’t. I called it the Black Book (and had flip through the pages to find it’s true name).

Unseelie Court

  • During my excited speech I suddenly blurted “elves” when talking about the possible looming war with the Unseelie Court before correcting myself that they were faeries.


Read in May 2017


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