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Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Publisher: Tor

Genre: Adult Fantasy

My vague summary:

Victor is free again after breaking out of maximum security. He has one goal in mind, exact revenge on an old college friend who betrayed him.

[TLDR: A different read.]


After finishing “Ready Player One” I decided to pick this up. I was intrigued by the plot when I was on YouTube watching Katytastic haul the book. The summary makes it seem as if Victor is the villain while Eli is the hero. However, I do not think that Eli’s actions are considered hero-like. Everything Eli is doing basically fits his own agenda. This does not mean that Victor is the hero though. He is very much the anti-hero. So basically, this book is villain vs villain.

One thing that I’m doing that would hopefully help me read more of my books is maybe keeping one right next to me (even though my bookshelf is literally three feet away from me). I am also trying to start reading before I go to bed. This may not be a good idea though. Once I started this book I would not put it down until I realized that it was two in the morning. The story was very good and the plot progressed quickly. I just could not stop reading.

The chapters are very short, and there seemed to be no wasted chapter spent. The book flips back and forth between the present and events that occurred in the past, but each chapter is well labeled that I was not left guessing which period I was reading. (Although with this book I’m sure the switch would have been obvious.) Also, for certain chapters there is a different character perspective to help progress the story forward. We learn of the backstory to each character and their feelings during those incidents.

I loved the character interactions throughout the book. The interactions made everything feel personal and helped create more depth. Because of this I would have to say that my favorite character has got to be Mitch. When Eli confronted him I was so nervous and hoped that Victor would intervene because Eli is so dangerous. Thank goodness he wasn’t severely injured. That being said, I wouldn’t mind Dominic’s powers though. He can enter a veil of some sorts and travel around unnoticed. The introvert in me wouldn’t mind a power like that especially if I have to attend huge gatherings of people.

I did like learning the history to Victor and Eli’s friendship. (I initially typed relationship but there might be some misunderstanding with that.) When they were doing their research on ExtraOrdinary (EO) people I wanted to provide some motivating words…but I didn’t because what they’re trying to do is very dangerous.

Oh wow. I just realized that Eli’s power is quite like Wolverine’s from X-Men (minus the adamantium skeleton). Which is kind of funny because the X-Men are mentioned in here (that one time). I cannot believe I missed that connection. Victor’s power is so dangerous though. I’m not sure I would have the mental fortitude to control it like he does. I did get curious on how Victor was going to exact his revenge on Eli though. I didn’t give it much when I was reading because my brain was occupied with the words. (I can’t multi-task.) However, when Victor’s plan was revealed I was very surprised by it. I was expecting something grand (since he was locked up for ten years, most of them in solidary confinement), but Victor used his resources to his advantage.

I was a little confused at the ending though. From what I know of Sydney’s powers when she resurrects a person they no longer have their power. I also thought that even though Victor’s power is tiresome, he would have liked to have his power. Maybe I’m missing something or just put words into Victor’s mouth, but I wonder what he is going to do now. I also wonder what Dominic’s going to do if Victor can no longer help him with his pain.

Ah. So many questions!

I just looked on Goodreads to double check the genre and publisher and apparently Vicious is NOT the standalone that I thought it was. It’s actually a series!!! I was secretly wishing V.E. Schawb was going to continue on with the series, but she actually is IRL. haha What a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait for it!


Finished in July 2017
Acquired from Book Outlet


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