9781250049551_p0_v7_s192x300Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

This book has been on my shelf for a while. Like its predecessor I loved the concept and I did not want to be disappointed by my expectations. After reading Lady Midnight though, I was in a reading mood but I did not want to read a series (yet).

All my other standalones are at my dorm so I made due with what I had. I loved Fangirl. It spoke to the core of my interests and yes I do read fanfiction. So reading about Simon and Baz was something I was definitely looking forward to reading.


Simon is the Chosen One. He is the prophesied greatest Mage with uncontrollable powers. Baz is his mortal rival and roommate at the same time. They have been stepping in each other’s ties since they could remember. On their final year at Wartford one final push makes Simon and Baz see each other in a different light.

After reading though I just wish that there was more because I want to understand their world more.

Each chapter has its own narrator who provides their own perspective. I liked the concept because we get to know each character individually yet also get more information on the events that happened before and information on what is happening now.

The magic system was quite interesting too. Not all magic needed to be directed with a wand and there is no need to memorize Latin phrases. Just saying something simple like “up and away” is awesome. I also loved the concept of magical creatures being around instead of needing to be found.

I also like that there is history between the characters before anything evolves. They know the bad and a bit of good between each character.

Ack. I just realized this post was long overdue!


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