cassandra-clareLady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Book 1 in The Dark Artifices Trilogy


WOW! I started this book on campus during the lull between my two classes and man was I was hooked. I stayed up until 2 in the morning just to finish this 668 page behemoth.  Behemoth because this book did not read like a 668 book; it felt longer which I thoroughly appreciated.

When starting to read it I felt as if it could be read as separately from The Mortal Instruments (TMI) series and The Infernal Devices (TID) series. The main characters are a different cast and the events that occurred in TMI are weaved into the first bout of chapters to get a jist of what had occurred. The world might be a bit overwhelming to understand if a person has never read TMI before but can be learned. However, reading this book might be more enjoyable if you read TMI and TID to appreciate the significance of recurring characters.

On to the summary! We follow Emma Carstairs on her journey to find out who murdered her parents. She is parabatai to Julian Blackthorn and being parabatai means cultivating and balancing strength in another person who is recognized a partner and a best friend. They after joined in their pursuits with the Blackthorn family to decipher the clues left on dead bodies and battling their own demons.

This book revolves around a group of children under the age of 18 and a majority of this group was a family – the Blackthorn family. Together they fight demons and look after one another because they are essentially orphans.

Again I enjoyed the details. I did not feel bored at any point of the story even when the action scenes lulled down, but I did feel a tad bit frustrated during those complicated and indecisive romance scenes. I loved the character interactions in the way that they helped flesh out each character more which made me care about the characters even more.

I liked that any feelings of romance was not rushed but took time to develop, and that I could see it happen through actual interactions or actions each character took. This surprised me a bit because I was a tad bit picky when I read TMI and TID.

I really can’t find anything bad to say about the book (except maybe the complicated love story but that’s just personal taste). Now I can understand when I hear others say that that an author gets better and better after each book.


I got this book from my local library so I can’t really link to where I purchased it. One would think that there would have been a huge wait-list but that’s the perk of being in a smaller community. I was third in the wait-list but got pushed up when the two before me didn’t pick it up. I was surprised because this has never happened to me before especially with a new yet familiar series like this!

While I don’t own a copy I will be purchasing it in the future and I definitely recommend it.

I will be posting up my spoiler discussion of the book up later.


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