I do have a review up about this book that’s spoiler free.

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I really did not know what to expect when I opened the book. I avoided Booktube reviews and discussions until I could read it. Yes, I know about the Shadowhunter world. Yes, I know that there could have been another complicated love story. But, I did not know how Cassandra would have played it out.

I really enjoyed how she unfolded everything. This post might be long so I’m breaking my thoughts into categories just so I cover all my bases. Please note that all of this is speculation on my part.


I like that Emma and Julian had time to figure out their own feelings. Of course five years is a while and then a forbidden element is thrown into the mix to make it all the more complicated. While I am interested to see how their relationship will develop I wouldn’t mind learning and exploring more of the parabatai relationship. I mean, is there more to it than just what their textbooks and Jem explained? Or is this just hopeful wishing.

Malcolm and Annabel

Their love story was tragic…and I think it might remain tragic. While the way Malcom went seems a bit easy I think he might actually be dead. That would add more drama especially since Annabel is now resurrected.

Annabel would be the perfect antagonist to Emma especially because she understands a forbidden romance. Annabel might be able to push Emma’s buttons and say the right thing to make her react more rashly or become more vulnerable than she already is.

I do have to say that there were signs that Malcom was the bad guy especially when Magnus appeared. However, I am one of those readers who do not take the time to speculate and just plows through to find out what happens next. (I would not make a great detective.) So I was surprised when Malcom was the bad guy because he camouflaged his feelings so well.

Julian/Emma/Mark/Cristina/Diego situation

Misunderstandings and miscommunication. *sigh* I really don’t know what to say beyond that. After finishing the book I small bit of me couldn’t help but think if this would be one of those rare instances where the main character ends up with some other than their first love? But another part of me thinks that this is not the end to Julian and Emma’s love story. This is why I am partially glad that TDA is just a trilogy. The questions of who ends up with who would be settled in the next two books and the way there will be frustrating and achingly slow.

Otherwise I expect more people not confiding their fears/feelings to another person until something life threatening occurs.

Other than the painful and complicated love story I loved the entire plot. I felt like the romance aspect was a result of the action and that the plot was just as important. Of course, I expect that this would change later on.


Was I just imagining their first interaction as more than a possible friendship? I of course was really surprised to find out Kit’s real lineage especially since Johnny Rook went to such special lengths to keep him hidden. I can’t wait to see how they both develop.


With the current course of events I do not know whether Robert truly suspected there was anything wrong with Andrew. The pizza thing was a nice diversion but I wonder if Robert will learn from past mistakes and start intervening.

I also can’t wait to find out about Diana’s past. We know that something happened and that something makes her doubt her ability to take charge. Would she eventually take over?


When The Blackthorn family came back and Tavvy appeared in his pajamas is was reminded of Max. I really had this worry and concern for him because he was the youngest. When he was taken I was like “Nooo! Please don’t do another Max to us!” I was really relieved when he was unharmed.

The recurring crew

I loved learning of the lives of TMI crew after five years. I was excited to learn that Magnus and Alec adopted. Max and Rafael are so adorable that I want to learn more about them. (I actually liked Rafael even though he saw Simon as a threat and was a bit disappointed during his death.) Simon and Isabel are engaged and Jace is finally taking his and Clary’s relationship to the next stage.

What are your feels?


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