18465591One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva

After I read Aristotle and Dante DtSotU I had wanted to read another book similar to the genre. I have had my eye on this book since it was a preorder before I finally decided to purchase it from Barnes and Noble.

Yes, this book is a LGBT book. In this book we get to see the culture and upbringing of an Armenian teenager, Alek Khederian, who discovers his sexuality after he meets Ethan.

This book follows an Armenian family as they live in America. There is a constant references to “these Americans” but it’s mostly used as a comparison of sorts. I found the comparisons to be funny at some point and reflected some of my personal thoughts at times too.

I found myself relating to the culture on some parts and understanding some of the thinking that Alek went through. Not all of us are Armenian but we get a feel for the culture and their values as presented by the Khederian family. By fleshing out each character of the family we see how great of an influence they are on Alek growing up. The parents are not conveniently introduced when Alek is faced with a dilemma but they are introduced since chapter one. Food was also a topic but instead of being vague on the food being eaten each ingredient was named and handled with care when cooking.

I loved how true to character Alek was. He’s dictated by his parents wants for him to do well in school but he does his work with pride. He learns to live a little with Ethan dragging him into his world. There were times where I thought Ethan could possibly be a bad influence on Alek, but I loved how everything was resolved.

I do wish that Alek and Ethan’s relationship was given more time to develop, but I can live with what I was given. I certainly did not find one boring moment so I rate this book four out of five stars.

If you’re interested then you can get a copy at B&N by clicking here.




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